How to Transform your Kitchen

If you kitchen is seeming a bit dull and no matter how much cleaning and buffing you do, then it may be time for a transformation. Transforming you kitchen is not as much trauma as many homemakers believe it to be, mainly because kitchen’s tend to come in matching units, and the decision making is actually much simpler for a kitchen than it is for a different rooms as your choices are not that complex or difficult once you get into the swing of things. Today we are going to go through the different ways that you can transform your kitchen.

1.)    A refit

The easiest way to transform your kitchen is to perform a total kitchen refit, which is the complete dismantlement of your current kitchen, in favour of a completely new one. The benefit of total kitchen refits is that you are able to redistribute the whole space, and remodel the area of your kitchen. Unlmited by the location of your cupboards and worktops, you can remodel the space to have a kitchen you are happy with.

2.)    A refurb

Another way to transform your kitchen is to refurbish tyour current set up with updates. This means replacing units, doors, tiles and worktops. The major benefit of refurbishment is that you don’t have to spend too much on the interior parts of your kitchen such as shelving space and other interiors. The other benefit is that you can focus on specific parts of the kitchen that need help, and refurbish them. A common culprit in poor looking kitchens is the kitchen cabinets which can often be rectified with a good sandown, paint or a full blown replacement which will transform your kitchen at a fraction of the usual cost.

3.)    Re-tile

Its amazing the impact that walls and floors have on a room. Its really up to you to judge which parts of the kitchen are letting the rest of your kitchen down, and opting for a colour and style that will make the most of your cabinets, worktops and appliances, however what we can say is new tiles on the floor or walls can really transform the look and feel of your kitchen. The only down side is that once you have a new floor or walls, the rest can look shabby so be sure you are happy with what you will be left over with before you start.

4.)    Paint

By far the easiest way to transform your kitchen is by adding new colours and shades to it. Whether you paint your cupboard doors, or the walls and the ceiling, a new lick of paint can transform even the dreariest kitchens! Opting for fresh, open and light colours is a good way of adding the feeling of space and cleanliness to a kitchen, whereas matt and darker tones tend to be thought of as being more modern. Whichever colour you opt for, remember  that the end result of anything you put on the walls should highlight and complement your kitchen, so choose colours wisely if you want to be happy with the end result.

Ben writes about home improvements and currently works for Best at Hire a tool hire company specializing in steam cleaner hire .