How to match modern appliances in retro designed kitchen

Nowadays, many people are opting to design their kitchens in a traditional or aged style. However they still prefer to have the modern kitchen appliances fitted, giving their kitchens a retro design which provides them with a warm old feel within a modern atmosphere. The challenge that most home owners or home buyers face is how to match modern appliances in retro designed kitchen. If not well coupled, the design can backfire as you try to refurbish your kitchen and fail to achieve the intended purpose.

Back in the earlier 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s these kitchens used to be very cosy and families would converge during mealtimes, this means that the kitchen was and remains a very important room in any home. In order to achieve the retro design kitchen with modern appliances, it is important to be able to match the two seamlessly. Price effectiveness is a key consideration but ultimately one should also have a keen look at the quality that will last long.

The key consideration when looking at how to match modern appliances, like espresso or coffee machines, in retro designed kitchen is to get the right size to ensure that they fit perfectly in the allocated space. Another important thing is energy efficiency. Below are some of the options a home owner has when they intend to match modern espresso machines in retro designed kitchen:

1.)Buy retro appliances:
Appliances such as dishwashers, espresso machines, coffee machines, refrigerators, and toasters, one can purchase those that have been manufactured specifically to have an antique look. You can also get them in many colours and choose those that are matching with the other vintage look appliances; the beauty with this option is that the appliances still come fitted with all the modern technology that you require.

2.)Restoring old retro appliances:
In cases where the desired retro appliances, like espresso machines, are no longer available in the market, one can purchase authentic antiques at auctions or the country side. Some are available on the internet at reasonable prices. Another option is to restore and install the old retro appliances. Those that are not in working condition can be fitted with new modern replacements. However even if they cannot be restored, retro appliances can still serve the aesthetic purpose for example a water kettle that is used as a flower pot and placed on the window sill.

3.)Blending and Concealing Modern Appliances:
If it is not possible to buy or restore the retro appliances, one can still blend and conceal them with the other modern appliances in the retro kitchen. This can be done by painting them in a colour matching with the surrounding or the other appliances. If not possible due to interference with other functionalities, you can still conceal them in the cabinets to ensure that the overall retro look remains perfect. Maybe you’ll find here an espresso machine to match your retro designed kitchen.

Furniture, cabinets and other accessories should also be reviewed when giving your kitchen a retro look, for furniture, one can consider kitchen sets with booths and hutch’s for holding dishes and a bin to hold some groceries. Traditional kitchens also used a lot of fabric; the same can be incorporated by covering some of your modern appliances with cloth and placing them on mats. A long clock can be hung in the kitchen. Melamine ware was also popular and can be incorporated.

In order to match modern appliances, like espresso machine or toaster, in retro designed kitchen attention needs to be paid to detail, a polite colour such as white or silver is best for accessorising the retro kitchen. One should also avoid overdoing accessories and appliances as it can give an impression of lack of space or clutter.