Design Ideas for Small Apartment Kitchens

Having trouble designing a small apartment kitchen? Here are smart ways you can maximize space in your kitchen and prove that even with limited space, it can still be as fully-functional as any large kitchen can be:


Invest in Space-Saving Appliances and Furniture


One of the most effective ways to save space at home and in the kitchen, in particular, is to use small kitchen appliances and fixtures. A lot of manufacturers today like IKEA have come up with space-saving appliances and fixtures that make it a lot easier for homeowners to design small kitchens. Invest in small-scale furnishings with slender designs to maximize kitchen space.


Install Deep Counters


Aside from using space-saving appliances and furniture items, you would also want to maximize your storages by installing deeper counters. Such types of counters are not just able to accommodate more appliances, but also let you have more space for working in the kitchen.


Build a Small Kitchen Island


This may not seem to be a good idea as it could mean sacrificing a lot of floor space. However, when you’re talking about the kitchen, cooking space is more essential than floor space.


Make Your Kitchen an Extension of the Living Room


Modern apartment and house designs have done great wonders for the kitchen and have turned it from a place of isolation to being an extension of other spaces inside the home. If you have limited space, you can design your kitchen in such a way that it becomes an extension of the living room. This is not only a great space-saving idea, but is also an excellent way to allow the chef in the family to interact and be able to socialize with guests or other members of the family while preparing meals.


Make Use of Illusion


If you have done everything and are still not satisfied with the results, you can try and make use of illusion. There are a lot of ways you can trick the eye into believing that you have a larger kitchen. For instance, installing floor tiles on a diagonal will create an illusion that your kitchen space is longer. Installing a large mirror can also be an excellent way to create the illusion that you have a large kitchen space.