How to match modern appliances in retro designed kitchen

Nowadays, many people are opting to design their kitchens in a traditional or aged style. However they still prefer to have the modern kitchen appliances fitted, giving their kitchens a retro design which provides them with a warm old feel within a modern atmosphere. The challenge that most home owners or home buyers face is how to match modern appliances in retro designed kitchen. If not well coupled, the design can backfire as you try to refurbish your kitchen and fail to achieve the intended purpose.

Back in the earlier 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s these kitchens used to be very cosy and families would converge during mealtimes, this means that the kitchen was and remains a very important room in any home. In order to achieve the retro design kitchen with modern appliances, it is important to be able to match the two seamlessly. Price effectiveness is a key consideration but ultimately one should also have a keen look at the quality that will last long.

The key consideration when looking at how to match modern appliances, like espresso or coffee machines, in retro designed kitchen is to get the right size to ensure that they fit perfectly in the allocated space. Another important thing is energy efficiency. Below are some of the options a home owner has when they intend to match modern espresso machines in retro designed kitchen:

1.)Buy retro appliances:
Appliances such as dishwashers, espresso machines, coffee machines, refrigerators, and toasters, one can purchase those that have been manufactured specifically to have an antique look. You can also get them in many colours and choose those that are matching with the other vintage look appliances; the beauty with this option is that the appliances still come fitted with all the modern technology that you require.

2.)Restoring old retro appliances:
In cases where the desired retro appliances, like espresso machines, are no longer available in the market, one can purchase authentic antiques at auctions or the country side. Some are available on the internet at reasonable prices. Another option is to restore and install the old retro appliances. Those that are not in working condition can be fitted with new modern replacements. However even if they cannot be restored, retro appliances can still serve the aesthetic purpose for example a water kettle that is used as a flower pot and placed on the window sill.

3.)Blending and Concealing Modern Appliances:
If it is not possible to buy or restore the retro appliances, one can still blend and conceal them with the other modern appliances in the retro kitchen. This can be done by painting them in a colour matching with the surrounding or the other appliances. If not possible due to interference with other functionalities, you can still conceal them in the cabinets to ensure that the overall retro look remains perfect. Maybe you’ll find here an espresso machine to match your retro designed kitchen.

Furniture, cabinets and other accessories should also be reviewed when giving your kitchen a retro look, for furniture, one can consider kitchen sets with booths and hutch’s for holding dishes and a bin to hold some groceries. Traditional kitchens also used a lot of fabric; the same can be incorporated by covering some of your modern appliances with cloth and placing them on mats. A long clock can be hung in the kitchen. Melamine ware was also popular and can be incorporated.

In order to match modern appliances, like espresso machine or toaster, in retro designed kitchen attention needs to be paid to detail, a polite colour such as white or silver is best for accessorising the retro kitchen. One should also avoid overdoing accessories and appliances as it can give an impression of lack of space or clutter.

How to Choose the Rangehood for Your Kitchen

A rangehood or vent hood is essential to your kitchen. This will collect the fumes, grease, and odor produced by cooking, broiling, or heating of food. If you’ve experienced that moment when you smell like the food you just cooked, that is the effect of not having the right vent hood or exhaust fan in your kitchen. These fumes and odor can easily stick to your clothes, hair, and other materials in the kitchen. That is why you need a proper vent hood to avoid such cases. You will also be maintaining proper and healthy ventilation in your kitchen without the smoke and odor.


How It Works

A vent hood is placed above your stove to easily collect the fumes, grease, and odor produced. A fan is placed inside the vent hood, which you can turn on when needed and off when not in use. This fan can collect the fumes, grease, and odor and direct these towards the ducts. The ducts can either release the fumes and odor outside the home or filter and redirect these in the kitchen. You can choose your vent hood based on your preferred system or standard operation.


Wattage and Capacity

When choosing the rangehood for your kitchen, you must take into consideration the wattage of your stove, broilers and burners. Your vent hood must have enough capacity that matches the heat generated by your stove, broilers, and burners. Check your kitchen appliances manual or consult a sales representative to know the wattage and capacity required for your vent hood.


Complement Your Kitchen Design

Because a vent hood can be a bulky and dominating feature in your kitchen’s overall design, it is best to choose a vent hood that can complement the design of your kitchen to create a harmonious overall look. Nowadays, many manufacturers can provide stainless steel vent hoods or other types that have different finish or design. Choose one that can look well with other elements in your kitchen. You also have the option to choose an island vent hood if your stove and oven are installed with the island counter.


Care and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen rangehood is important. You must clean grease filters, fan blades, exhaust hood, and the inside ductwork to avoid any dust and dirt buildup. You can do this occasionally or include this as another item on your general cleaning tasks. Doing all these will help keep the vent hood in good condition in order to prolong its use and avoid problems and costly repairs in the future.

How to Transform your Kitchen

If you kitchen is seeming a bit dull and no matter how much cleaning and buffing you do, then it may be time for a transformation. Transforming you kitchen is not as much trauma as many homemakers believe it to be, mainly because kitchen’s tend to come in matching units, and the decision making is actually much simpler for a kitchen than it is for a different rooms as your choices are not that complex or difficult once you get into the swing of things. Today we are going to go through the different ways that you can transform your kitchen.

1.)    A refit

The easiest way to transform your kitchen is to perform a total kitchen refit, which is the complete dismantlement of your current kitchen, in favour of a completely new one. The benefit of total kitchen refits is that you are able to redistribute the whole space, and remodel the area of your kitchen. Unlmited by the location of your cupboards and worktops, you can remodel the space to have a kitchen you are happy with.

2.)    A refurb

Another way to transform your kitchen is to refurbish tyour current set up with updates. This means replacing units, doors, tiles and worktops. The major benefit of refurbishment is that you don’t have to spend too much on the interior parts of your kitchen such as shelving space and other interiors. The other benefit is that you can focus on specific parts of the kitchen that need help, and refurbish them. A common culprit in poor looking kitchens is the kitchen cabinets which can often be rectified with a good sandown, paint or a full blown replacement which will transform your kitchen at a fraction of the usual cost.

3.)    Re-tile

Its amazing the impact that walls and floors have on a room. Its really up to you to judge which parts of the kitchen are letting the rest of your kitchen down, and opting for a colour and style that will make the most of your cabinets, worktops and appliances, however what we can say is new tiles on the floor or walls can really transform the look and feel of your kitchen. The only down side is that once you have a new floor or walls, the rest can look shabby so be sure you are happy with what you will be left over with before you start.

4.)    Paint

By far the easiest way to transform your kitchen is by adding new colours and shades to it. Whether you paint your cupboard doors, or the walls and the ceiling, a new lick of paint can transform even the dreariest kitchens! Opting for fresh, open and light colours is a good way of adding the feeling of space and cleanliness to a kitchen, whereas matt and darker tones tend to be thought of as being more modern. Whichever colour you opt for, remember  that the end result of anything you put on the walls should highlight and complement your kitchen, so choose colours wisely if you want to be happy with the end result.

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Dream kitchens that arrive in steel

Steel is in, concrete is out!! Well that is what engineers and modern home owners have to say. In fact somewhere it read that after the World War II came to an end, steel became the unarguable choice for home interiors. The rise in steel production has resulted in sturdier and durable structures ruling interiors of American homes. Apart from steel becoming the major component for modern establishments, its use has also been found in current day kitchens that wear a more polished and elegant look.

Since, hygiene has always been a chief concern in today’s world, homemakers are sticking to solutions that are easy to maintain and use. Modern kitchens wear the brushed steel look and make way for home interiors demanding chic appearance. Nowadays, a majority of homemakers prefer modular kitchens over conventional styles because the former are utilitarian options adding space efficient values.

While the earlier days have seen modular steel kitchen structures showcase a wide range of features in white, today’s scenario unveil a potpourri of designs in a rich blend of hues.

In fact, you would find modern homes wear steel structure kitchen in pastel shades. If you come upon a journal or a magazine on lifestyle you would find how the two-tone metal kitchens make a difference to home interiors featuring plush contemporary looks.

Companies offering stainless steel solutions for kitchen space ensure that you pick from a range of professionally engineered modular cooking space layout. The integrated designs may include the following:

  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Steel dishwasher bench
  • Steel pot racks
  • Steel under framing
  • Steel kick panels
  • Steel cook tops
  • Steel microwave and oven surrounds
  • Steel drawers
  • Steel cabinets
  • Steel shelving

The major benefits the American homemaker can derive on installing steel structure kitchen are being discussed below:

Hygiene: kitchens are worst effected by soot which result from cooking. The oil, smoke and water pile up to form soot. However, it takes only a short span to clean steel make modular kitchens. The steel cook-tops and counters are stain-free and don’t cost you a fortune to maintain to them.

Membrane finish: The steel kitchen structures come with a membrane finish helping retain the colors of the modular cooking space. With such membrane finish your kitchen styling is sure to last a lifetime.

Flexible Ergonomics: the cooking habits and style of the homemaker are prioritized while designing the lay-outs. The units are appropriately placed such that the American home maker is able to work with greater efficiency.

Getting over the Hassle of Dishwasher Size

Dishwashers, whatever their cost maybe, do not differ in the basic way they function. Even low-end model perform their core duty that is to wash dishes, perfectly. So buying a dishwasher is largely a question of features that you require and the ones you don’t. A model’s size, its durability and convenience are the factors which make it stand apart from others.


Dishwashers come in all sizes. The smallest models are the ones which can be placed in one half of a double-kitchen sink. There water consumption is far lower and complete a wash cycle in more or less 20 minutes. They may be used as countertop by placing a cover upon them, when you are not using them.

Though standard size is 24 inches but apartment-sized 18 inch models are available as well. A large family may even find a 30 inch model useful. Commercial models are the ones which are even bigger than that.

If you have a small kitchen where there is not enough space for a full size dishwasher, you may find the Dish Drawer useful. These models also use less water and consume far less energy than their bigger cousins. There are double drawer models available as well; they function independently of each other.

Racks and Basins

Models in lower-end range are fitted with plastic basins, while some mid and all high-end expensive units come with stainless steel basins. In lower-end units, food particles settle into dishwasher filter, they must be removed on a regular bases or the filter will get clogged. Expensive models come with self-cleaning filters, so you won’t have to do it manually. Some even come with small grinders which grind large pieces of food and drain them with the water.

There are large numbers of options for dish racks. The expensive the dishwasher, the more flexibility and adjustability it will boast, with folding or collapsible racks, you may also choose removable racks if you want to load dishes outside the unit.

Extra Features

The main extra features which increase the cost of a unit are its controls and cycle types. The low-priced dishwashers come fitted with mechanical controls which use a timer and dial to regulate different cycles. Though push-button controls and computerized timer are expensive but they are no help in dishwashing. Some high-end models offer a plethora of different cycles but three basic cycles are more than enough to cover the dishwashing needs of a common household i.e., light, normal and pots and pans.

Expensive models are stylish; their fronts are usually designed to give the look of kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen is located close to living room, then the noise can be a real problem. In one way high-priced dishwashers are worth their cost as they come with noise suppression function. These models are heavily insulated against noise. But there is one thing which should be kept in mind that the units which have grinders to grind big chunks of food are louder than the other ones.

Water and Energy Consumption

The last thing to consider when buying a dishwasher is its water consumption and energy cost. There is a chart in the U.S governments Energy Star guidelines; it provides comprehensive information on annual energy usage of different models. If you are concerned about your utility bills, this chart will be enormously helpful to you in finding the best model according to your needs and budget.

Design Ideas for Small Apartment Kitchens

Having trouble designing a small apartment kitchen? Here are smart ways you can maximize space in your kitchen and prove that even with limited space, it can still be as fully-functional as any large kitchen can be:


Invest in Space-Saving Appliances and Furniture


One of the most effective ways to save space at home and in the kitchen, in particular, is to use small kitchen appliances and fixtures. A lot of manufacturers today like IKEA have come up with space-saving appliances and fixtures that make it a lot easier for homeowners to design small kitchens. Invest in small-scale furnishings with slender designs to maximize kitchen space.


Install Deep Counters


Aside from using space-saving appliances and furniture items, you would also want to maximize your storages by installing deeper counters. Such types of counters are not just able to accommodate more appliances, but also let you have more space for working in the kitchen.


Build a Small Kitchen Island


This may not seem to be a good idea as it could mean sacrificing a lot of floor space. However, when you’re talking about the kitchen, cooking space is more essential than floor space.


Make Your Kitchen an Extension of the Living Room


Modern apartment and house designs have done great wonders for the kitchen and have turned it from a place of isolation to being an extension of other spaces inside the home. If you have limited space, you can design your kitchen in such a way that it becomes an extension of the living room. This is not only a great space-saving idea, but is also an excellent way to allow the chef in the family to interact and be able to socialize with guests or other members of the family while preparing meals.


Make Use of Illusion


If you have done everything and are still not satisfied with the results, you can try and make use of illusion. There are a lot of ways you can trick the eye into believing that you have a larger kitchen. For instance, installing floor tiles on a diagonal will create an illusion that your kitchen space is longer. Installing a large mirror can also be an excellent way to create the illusion that you have a large kitchen space.